Since my last post was from 2012 I think an update is warranted. Everything about my life is different than the intro below from 5 years ago. 2017 will be here in 3 days and I’m very eager to say goodbye to this year. 2016 was not good to me.  It was really a continuation of a sucky 2015 but 7 days in I knew I was in for something much worse.

It all started with a head-on collision that totaled my car, gave me a nice gash in my head and a concussion that took months and months to heal. A few months later my husband was in an accident that totaled the newly purchased car that replaced our other one. Along with that we were experiencing financial instability unlike anything we’d ever known before.  So I went back to work and for the first time in 11 years I was gone from my family for 20 hours a week.

Oh and lets not forget that one kid is away most of the time. While I’ve recovered rather well from the castastrophic event of my kid going off to college, it is still hard for me from time to time.  Especially because he isn’t thriving in the college environment so I’m constantly praying God will guide him and protect him in order to squilech the worry.

We are still homeschooling but even that looks different.  We had to leave our co-op last year and that had a very negative effect on my youngest.  She is my social kid and she needs an organzied learning environment with other kids that homeschooling can’t provide.  I could never let her miss out on something just because adults are stupid. So I started working with a friend to build an alternative to co-op for homeshchool classes in science, art and technology.  That has been a new adventure into the unknown but I’m loving it.  In my down time I am the president of a non-profit and a ministry leader at church.

While all of that is hopefully somewhat interesting, it is not what I want to share with you. Instead I want to share the journey I’ve been on with Jesus.  It’s been rough at times but it has also been incredibly beautiful. My intent with this blog is to proclaim the goodness of Jesus in my life.  Jesus is FREAKING AMAZING!  Seriously! What he has done in and through me blows my mind.  I don’t really know where it is going to take me but you are welcome to join me as I seek to document My Walk with Jesus.

Intro from 2012

Welcome to walknbyfaith.  You are invited to join me as I endeavor to walk faithfully with my Savior and bring glory to God in all I do.   My days are filled with taxiing my 4 kids around, trying to get school done in between youth group, baseball, football, choir, girls scouts, co-op and meals & cleaning.  I have 3 biological kids and an extra that has truly blessed our family in more ways than he  knows.  We’ve been homeschooling for 6 years now and that has been my biggest walk of faith yet.  This blog is a small picture into the life we live.  Hope you enjoy your time here.


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