That moment when you receive a precious gift.

Receiving gifts has always been an emotional experience for me. It doesn’t matter if I am completely in love with the gift or I can’t stand the sight of it everyone is going to know how I feel about it a fraction of a second after I receive it.  It can be a curse at times.  This weekend I received a precious gift from my Savior.  The story I want to tell is only partially my own.  The bulk of it belongs to a young man I’ve known for nearly 15 years.  This past Sunday he shared his testimony at his childhood church. The same church my family attended up until a few years ago. In his usual fashion, God used this young man’s words to reveal something  powerful and truly amazing in my own life.

Last Sunday, the hubby and I choose Not go to church.  Gasp! I know, can you believe it?  Instead, we followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and ministered to our own family. It started with a trip to Costco for what I believed to be essentials the boy HAD to have. Why I think he needs a giant box of hot pockets that will likely last him six months is completely beyond me. But when my husband suggested we spend the day with our son  in Ellensburg that is the first thing that popped into my head.  Feed the boy!

We had a harrowing trip over the pass due to treacherous snow and ice.  My husband’s sense of humor kept us company for the arduous trip. So thankful! Without it we might not have survived the adventure.

Once arriving at our destination our adventure took a hazardous turn as we entered the realm of a real life bachelor pad. It was a life-threatening experience for sure. Here’s the thing, I don’t have a lot of experience with guy only residences. I grew up with three sisters and I’m raising two girls myself,  so most of my knowledge of what happens when there isn’t a girl around to say “that is gross” is really limited to what I’ve seen on Friends and let’s be real. There are NO similarities.  I did my best to hide the craziness happening in my head and unloaded the groceries I’d brought as quickly as possible so we could be on our way to a much safer environment; lunch.  And again we’re back to me feeding the boy.

My son has lived in the small town of Ellensburg for five months now and still when asked where should we eat, he’s got nothing.  We managed to find a place containing the word Palace so I was certain that I could be assured of a clean place to sit, eat and catch up with my kid.  The Holy Spirit ministered to my soul as I sat and listened to my boys reconnect. I’m so thankful for these two men. How I got the privilege of spending the bulk of my life with these two is beyond my comprehension.  Thankful doesn’t come close to adequately describing how full my heart is because of them.

At my hubby’s request we made a stop at the Goodwill before braving the pass again to get home. Again his sense of humor left me in stitches. I wish I could show you the Snapchat of the two of them goofing off. It was hysterical!

As we were pulling up to our son’s house I saw the previously mentioned young man’s testimony posted on Facebook. Our son is the same age as him.  My husband and I were youth leaders when these boys were in junior high and high school. Since we all did youth group together so many years ago, we had to watch it. The three of us sat in the car and listened to this powerful confession of what Jesus had done.  It was so incredible!  I vividly remember the years we spent serving in youth group. They seemed like fruitless years.  We did the best we could to create opportunities for the kids to experience Jesus but no matter how powerful the moments were they never seemed to last past the end of the trip.  I remember feeling like this young man only came because someone forced him to or he figured it was a good opportunity to get away with something.  When we could get him engaged we could see God’s hand all over him but mostly he was just distant and uninterested.

To hear his story of what Jesus did for him is so freaking incredible. What a gift!  The sense of joy that swells within me is uncontainable.  Our God does amazing things with the mess we make of our lives.  He did it in this man’s heart.  He did it in my heart.  I see him doing it in the hearts and lives of so many around me as well. Don’t be fooled in to thinking it isn’t happening for you just because you don’t see it.  God is ALWAYS at work!  I’m praying for it to happen to you! 

I see this weekend as a gift from my Heavenly Father.  He knows me and He takes delight in giving me the desires of my heart. Psalm 37:4 My only response is Joy.  Thank you Jesus!

If you are interested in hearing Taylor’s testimony you can find it here.


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