The sun was out Sunday!  The tremendous beauty of God’s creation is found on a sunny PNW day. I spent my afternoon cleaning out my closet which apparently is my last vestige of my teen years.  Why I let is get so messy is beyond me but it happens, every time!

I attempted to go out and play but since my sister was too busy for a walk, I concluded I was supposed to focus on my to-do list, mainly said closet.  So I opened the windows as wide as I could and I enjoyed the sunshine from the whole that is my closet.

I have never kept a house plant alive but I have a Wandering Jew my step-mom gave me back in 2015 that seems almost impossible to kill. It is on the brink of death at the moment so I positioned it to enjoy the sunshine too and made sure it would soak it up all day.  Staring the the sad little dying branches I pondered Pastor Cindy’s message.  I am in awe of the way the Lord speaks the same message to our team in complete different ways.  For me, proclaiming the goodness of Jesus in my life began to take shape a few months ago.  I started blogging again after a very long hiatus because I couldn’t contain my excitement about what God is doing.  I recognize that my close friends and family may be the only ones reading it but  who cares. To me it is Acts 14:2, reporting ALL that God has done. I’m giving God what I have and we’ll see what he does with it. I think it is pretty cool that God put it on my heart to start doing it long before He put that same message on Pastor Cindy’s heart.


Now back to my sad little Wandering Jew. Much like Paul who was stoned and dragged out of the city, I’ve been dealt a few blows that have left my life resembling this plant. Dried out, shriveled up and on the brink of complete annihilation. But if I make a perspective shift I can see that even branches that seems completely dead often have a little green leaf at the end. I see a parallel here between my life and this plant. How weird is that? What I see is this; when I am primarily focused on my circumstance, no matter how much I cling to Jesus and stand on his promises, I have very little capability of being close to my source of life: Jesus. He’s still there but I can’t access His life-given power when my problems are bigger than He is. Focused on my stuff, I can never reach the full potential of who God created me to be. Thankfully, I also know what is it to walk hand in hand with Jesus through really tough stuff.  It is place of fullness, abundance and joy. As you can see from the picture below, my Wandering Jew is a beautiful plant. So is the life that Jesus has given me when I’m focus completely focus on Him. That’s my report or proclamation, if you will.


One more quick story; Sunday while dropping off my youngest at youth group I ran into one of my youth kids from years back.  He was playing basketball with some of the youth boys when I pulled in and as soon as he recognized me came over and gave me a huge hug.  This is a young man who struggled with drug addiction in high school, always looked like somebody forced him to be there and it was really questionable whether he liked any of us (or maybe just me). He told me that he was helping out at youth group because it was what saved him.  Somewhere along the line he found Jesus and it changed his whole life so much that now he’s spending his time helping other youth experience the presence of Jesus.  Let’s not miss the miraculous here folks.  This is it.


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I'm just a girl trying her best to walk with Jesus.
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