This morning I’m enjoying the sunshine, albeit from inside at my desk however sadly I need to get some work done. Also enjoying this after a great yoga workout.


This is a huge switch from the diet I’ve been doing with my hubby. That diet is working great for him but after about a month has left me seriously frustrated with the lack of weight loss and immensely desiring more variety. So I took a short break and am trying a 7 day diet I found on pinterest. Not sure what the end result will be BUT I get to eat fruit for 2 of the 7 days and that is such a treat. I’m only on day 3 but I’ve lost some weight and I feel pretty good. I’m gonna wait till I finish my 7 days before I share how much weight comes off.
Alright guess I better get to that work I said I needed to do. 😃


About MywalkwithJesus

I'm just a girl trying her best to walk with Jesus.
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