Garden basket

This is a busy week for me. For the most part all of my weeks are busy but this week has a bunch of added things, aka major fundraiser for choir, last day of co-op which includes a majorly labor intensive project in 1 class and Lexi’s birthday, which have made life crazier than normal.
I’m pretty sure I’ve been to Walmart everyday this week & twice yesterday. That is just poor planning on my part or rather my inability to think while my kids asking me for 15 billion different things.
On a side note I’m very happy to report that even in all the extra chaos I have managed to walk/run 3 miles every day and get to yoga everyday but today. πŸ™‚ That makes me happy.
Ok so, My reason for going to Walmart so many times is that I am putting together 3 baskets for Hannah’s choir fundraiser tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about these puppies so I decided I need to blog about them. I was only supposed to do 2 baskets but between the money I got from the families in our choirs and some great donations, I was able to make 3 – a garden, spa & health & wellness which in all actuality is more like a yoga basket.
Anyhoo, I finished the garden one today an it turned out pretty good. Here’s what I found to include.


The big red basket that was shaped like a flower was cute but a little to deep. So I went on a hunt to find something to fill the bottom with.
I gotta say I’m pretty please with myself. I tend to have a hard time throwing, perfectly good, things away. A few years ago I added a bean bag to Matty’s room but I had about a 1/4 of a giant bag of styrofoam peanuts left. Lord only knows why I kept it but today I was stoked that I had. They were perfect.
I filled a grocery sack full, carefully tied it up and then put it into another grocery sack. I made sure to label the outside with caution so no one would think they should open it up to see what was inside. πŸ˜‰ There is nothing worse than styrofoam all over the place.



Then I added the usual things:
Garden magazine
Watering can
Shovel & cultivator
A soil scoop
A small planter &
A pink geranium

And this was the end result. I’m pretty happy with it. Hopefully the family that gets it will be too.


I’m off to the goodwill to find some basket to do up the other two. I’ll share those too once I get them finished.


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