Brown sugar cookies

I have been using lots of recipes from Pinterest.  Some of them are great and I would highly recommend them and some of them are not so fabulous – by my families standards that is.  So I thought I would share my two cents on said recipes.

I made these brown sugar cookies last night and although they are labor intensive, aka lots of different steps, they were well worth the extra effort.  Very, very yummy. I know because I broke my diet and had one or two. Winking smile

I made them while watching The Blind Side with my family so I was a tiny bit distracted and I missed a few steps.  (I browned 12 tablespoons of butter, and added the salt to the flour mixture instead of the melted butter.) But regardless of my missteps these cookies were super delicious. Will definitely be making them again.

brown sugar cookies

Sweets, Sweets & more Sweets / brown sugar cookies


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