Snow, Valentines and Elusive Creativity

The weather has been rather destructive this last week.  The snow is beautiful and fun but a few days of snow, followed by one day of freezing rain, topped off with another day of snow makes for broken tress, nasty roads and cabin fever.   Thankfully, even though we have 3 giant trees down, the house is still standing.  We’ve done an extra amount of praying around here the last few days and we’re convinced that angels gently guided the trees away from our house.  Here’s a few pictures to help you get the idea.  The picture on the bottom right shows the trees that we were most concerned about.  The tops of 2 of them broke off but somehow fell the opposite direction of where they were leaning, landing in the center of the greenbelt instead of on our house.  None of the falling trees caused any damage.  Praise God.


A week at home finally motivated me to put away the Christmas stuff.  The tree has been gone since a few days after Christmas but the remainder of the decorations were all still up.  Since I have a love of all things “snowmen,” I have very few “Santa” type decorations which I think entitles me to keep the Christmas decorations out a little longer.

As far as decorations go, I really only decorate my house for Fall, and Christmas.  But Pinterest has inspired me to put a little more effort into decorating for the other holidays as well.  So I picked a few inexpensive ideas and came up with something pretty cute.  The top of the computer desk acts as my mantle and other than the 3 high black shelves in the living room/dining room it is really my only space to decorate. 


Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.  The black picture frame contains a free printable of 1Corinthians 13:4. (I wanted to share with you the website from which I found said printable but alas I can not locate again today)  God is the prefect expression of love so I think it is only fitting to include His words on what love is and should be in our Love décor.  To the right of the picture frame is the tall apothecary jar, which sadly is missing the top, with my own twist of this wrapped in twine idea. As you can see I added some fabric long stem roses that set me back a whopping $0.97 each at Wal-Mart.  To the left of the black picture frame is another apothecary jar filled with candy conversation hearts.  The love in front is a foam sticker which was also $0.97 at Wally’s.  Another free printable and a cute white picture frame I happen to have and viola! I’ve decorated for Valentines day. 

I am really at a loss as to what to do with my other apothecary jar.  It is so big.  I filled it with a bag of kisses but I would need about 5 bags to fill it and I’m certain my kids would just eat them.  So I’m not sure.  I have a few more things I did and a few more things I still want to do.  I want to make this Valentine topiary to add to the end of the Valentine spread.  And along that same idea a wreath to hang over the garage door.  I also need to add something to this printable, although it a pretty small space so I’m really not sure what to do.             072

We also made a few of these little hearts last night and hope to make several more today.  You’ll notice that ours aren’t all pinks and reds.  Lexi added her own flare, as she ALWAYS does, and picked colors that she liked.  I kinda like it.  She used pretty colors even though they weren’t “typical” valentine colors. 073Although, if I make some they will for sure be made from those “typical” colors.  Hannah is cut from the same fabric as her mother and made hers with pink and red.



It’s not much but I’ve had fun. As creatively challenged as I am it’s pretty happy with it. Since the creative juices, and by that I mean what little I was gifted with, where flowing got several other decorating ideas.  Not sure how many of them with actually become reality but it is fun to dream.


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