Good old-fashion family time

Nothing like a little snow to bring a family out from behind those TV & computer screens. Very unlike our little corner of the U.S., the Seattle area is in the middle of a winter storm that is continually dumping snow on us. Since Saturday afternoon we have expectantly watched as snow falls on and off. Last night, we finally made it out to play as a family. Even got Matty to join us, which currently is no small feat. We added to the snowman the kids lovingly refer to as Junior. Lexi is hoping to have an entire snowman family include a snow dog. We shall see. The forecast calls for a foot to 18 inches of snow between now and Wednesday and if that holds true we should have no problem fulfilling her request.

   hannah's pics jan 12 135

Once the snowman was complete, the kids retreated to the backyard and a snow covered trampoline. It was so fun to watch & listen to them. Nothing brings my heart more joy then the giggles and squeals of my kiddos having the time of their little lives. And together no less.

       hannah's pics jan 12 154hannah's pics jan 12 156                       

        hannah's pics jan 12 158hannah's pics jan 12 162

Then we wrapped it all up with dinner and a movie; Ace Ventura When Nature Calls. How sweet is that? Smile

Unfortunately for my kiddos, school is still in session today. I am granting them a late start but I see no reason to cancel completely. I may go easy on them and lighten the load a little so they don’t feel like I’m totally torturing them.


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