Birthdays & Banquets

Today was a busy day.  We started the day off at church, followed by lunch with my beastie, a birthday party for our 2 year old nephew, a short 15 minute nap and then 2 kids to youth group and the rest of us to a football banquet.  Seesh!

The birthday party had a special visitor that Lexi just couldn’t get enough of.  I’m not sure if Santa knew what he got himself into when he decided to make an appearance today. In order to pry her away we just had to leave the party.


She was a little hesitant at first but after that brief moment she was back to her normal, overly affectionate self.


Even though Santa was there Talon was still the star of the show. Smile  He has his own special way of blowing out the candles (with his nose.)


I tried to get a picture of Matty at the banquet but we sat in the back, so we could make a quick exit, and it did turn out.  So here’s a picture of him from his last game.Fall 2011 017 Fall 2011 035

It was a good day!


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1 Response to Birthdays & Banquets

  1. shannonsboys says:

    Very Nice, Wow, look at Matty’s hair! Can’t remember him ever having it long before 🙂

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