Our toothless wonder

My oldest has been calling my youngest a “toothless wonder” recently, as she is on a mission to pull out as many teeth as she possibly can.  Sunday evening she pointed out that her front tooth was “slightly” wiggly.  She worked relentlessly on that tooth.  Little Lexi is something else, let me tell you, to say she is tenacious is an epic understatement.   That tenacity came shining through yesterday and she worked and worked on getting that tooth out.

Finally, about half way through the day, we are all in the dining room working on school when we heard a loud thug, followed by a major crash.  Out ran Lexi with this very muted but still proud look.  She smiled as big as she could to show me she was successful at extracting the tooth but then melted into a bundle of tears announcing she was going to be in trouble.  Apparently, she was standing on the toilet seat and in her excitement to show everyone her accomplishment she kicked seat just hard enough as she was jumping off to send it flying off into bathtub.

As you can image, I was much to busy laughing hysterically to be upset with her.  We fixed the seat as best we could.  But be forewarned; if using the bathroom at our house, sit very carefully. 🙂

Here she is showing off her missing teeth. Guess she’ll be able to sing the “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth,” song this year.

Oh and I’m happy to announce that the tooth fairy did an acceptable job this time.  She hadn’t made it to our house by 5:45am when I had to wake Lexi to use the bathroom.  But thankfully she did swing by around 8am while Lexi was still sound asleep.   Our tooth fairy doesn’t have a very good reputation around here.  She is slowly trying to make up for it.


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1 Response to Our toothless wonder

  1. Rosalie says:

    Great story, what a tough kid she is. I have some video from when her first tooth was loose and she almost let uncle ron pull it out. LY

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